From backup to disaster recovery, we deliver full system continuity to businesses of every size.

Backup and Disaster Recovery in Dayton Ohio

Your data is rapidly growing in size, and your reliance on that data has never been greater.  As a result, when your business experiences downtime you lose more than just access to your data. You lose productivity, the ability to communicate, and most importantly, revenue.  Our data protection solutions go way beyond data backup and disaster recovery. They are the difference between downtime and uptime. When backup is not enough and downtime is not an option, Protect IT delivers continuity.

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Features & Benefits:


Realize instant data restoration. 

When a server crashes, a local backup appliance offers a virtual replication of your server to get your business up and running almost immediately.  In addition to the local component, redundant copies of your data are stored in (and can be virtualized from) highly secured, bi-coastal data centers. This ensures that your data will always be backed up and can always be recovered.


Don’t rebuild your system, simply reload it.

Bare metal restore capabilities offer the ability to reload to dissimilar hardware should you servers require physical replacement. This allows you to recover from IT disaster in a fraction of the time.


Verify the success of your backups.

Take advantage of a fully automated process that provides daily snapshot verification of your systems backup success. Custom backup intervals and report notifications can be configured to meet your operational needs.


Recover more than just your critical files.

No need to compromise on how much of your system is protected. With the ability to scale the backup capacity, your complete system can be backed up, archived, and available during and after a disaster. Single server or enterprise data center - both capability and cost scales to suite the size and budget of your business.


Ensure the security of your data.

If the local device is stolen, your data can be remotely wiped off the device while saving critical data in the cloud. Our solution offers Bank grade AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption. That level of security is important.


Compliance matters.

Our solution is HIPAA, PCI and SOX compliant. Don’t trust a solution that isn’t.


Scale to support growth.

Take advantage of an unprecedented upgrade policy. If you outgrow your solution, you have the ability to trade in for an upgrade vs. system replacement. This allows you to pay for the space you need today, without limiting your future capability.

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Opti-vise IT is a Datto Elite Partner

Datto Backup and Disaster Recovery in Dayton OH

Datto is an award-winning provider of backup, disaster recovery (BDR) and Intelligent Business Continuity solutions. Leveraging proprietary technologies, image-based backup, and a hybrid cloud based model, Datto enables you to not just backup data, but recover entire systems in a matter of minutes.

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