Opti-vise IT was established in 2007 and is based in Eaton, OH.  We provide IT services designed to benefit small businesses in every industry. We consider ourselves your IT vision partner - working with you to provide IT strategy, management & support that will optimize network performance, eliminate downtime, and deliver measurable value to your business.

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More than just computer guys.

We don't just fix computers - we partner with small business to help establish and support an IT Vision based on the unique business goals and budget of your organization.  Learn more>


Solving issues at the core.

Our team of experienced and certified technicians are committed to pinpointing and fixing issues at the core. When you call us, you will not spend your time or money working through tiered levels of support... you talk to the problem-solvers.  Learn more >

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Not interested in moving in.

We don't add value to your business by moving in. We provide solutions that routinely maintain your network and protect your data. This allows you to do your job in a controlled and protected IT environment.  Learn more >


Jennifer Keish

Client Since 2015

The downside to technology is that you can’t purchase it and walk away. It requires constant attention and that represents an on-going cost. From my perspective, the challenge is not how to eliminate that cost, it’s how to manage it.
At one point we ran into a significant issue regarding software compatibility with one of our servers. Instead of just bandaging the issue, the team at Opti-vise IT really stuck with it and did what they had to do to solve the problem at its core. While a bandage could have been a quick fix, it would have also cost us significantly more money and downtime in the future. Opti-vise IT did a great job at communicating this. I respect that work ethic and at that point I knew that we had found an IT partner that we could trust to look out for our best interest.